Lunch in the garden

Today has been one of those perfect autumn days – cloudless blue sky, crisp sunshine, and the trees every shade of green, gold and russet.  The sort of day that inspires poets to raptures of lyricism.*

It was the ideal day for lunch in the garden, and for trying the “first loaf”.  Verdict: definitely bread and rather scrumptious.  Next step: focaccia.

*And just in case you were wondering what rhymes with autumn, here is my – tongue in cheek – contribution to the canon of seasonal poetry, from the Tom Lehrer school of couplets: “How very, very pretty is the autumn // What a lot of leaves, we ought to sort ’em.” I await a call from the Pulitzer judges any day now.


One thought on “Lunch in the garden

  1. The Autumn/Fall colours/colors are beautiful and should be relished whenever we can – especially when November is just around the corner and there’ll be no scope for garden lunches after Saturday. But for now you’re right, grab the chance to be outside and harvest vitamin D!


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