Pretty things!


Could they be any lovelier?

This morning included a thoroughly enjoyable trip, in glorious sunshine, into town.  Alongside all the bits and bobs that needed to be done, I got at the market:

  • the beautiful duck egg blue and polka dot cotton, from which I plan to make myself the pyjama bottoms from the wonderful “Love at First Stitch”, by Tilly Walnes of Tilly and the Buttons
  • the oh so pretty pink satiny bias binding, which will be used for one of the dresses for the Kate Greenaway doll

And then in the library I saw “Bake Me I’m Yours: Sweet Bitesize Bakes”, by Sarah Trivuncic of Maison Cupcake, and knew that it was meant to be. I’ve been wanting to try my hand again* at iced biscuits, and in “Sweet Bitesize Bakes” is the loveliest idea for biscuit bunting.  So, I’m off to make some vanilla biscuit dough.

*”Again”, because although I’ve tried it twice before, I just cannot make it work the way I want it to with glace icing (apologies, don’t know how to do accents). So I’ve stocked up on powdered egg white, and will be diving into the world of royal icing.  If there’s radio silence tomorrow, it will be because I have realised that it’s not the icing that’s going wrong, it’s me.


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