Cake pops

IMG_4624On Tuesday I made some sponge cake layers, with the cunning plan of cutting them out to make mini Victoria sponge cakes.  Something cropped up, though, and I didn’t get them into the cake tin for several hours.  The following day, they didn’t taste their freshest, but it would have been pretty sad to bin them.  The two solutions that sprang to mind were trifle and cake pops, and as I’ve been wanting to make the latter for ages, cake pops it was.

I crumbled the cake (a 2 egg sponge) into a large mixing bowl and then rubbed in about 150g of cream cheese, the way you’d rub butter into flour when making pastry.  At that point the mixture was easy to shape into spheres, and I popped them in the fridge for a day.  Then this evening I melted white chocolate in a bain marie, put the sticks into the cake pops (dipping them in the chocolate first), added red food colouring to the rest of the chocolate, and spread it over the cake pops with a round-bladed knife.

I’d imagined the covering coming out completely smooth, but I think I need to do some research as to how to achieve that.  However, the textured look they did end up with is actually rather pretty and rose-like (see the picture below for incontrovertible proof), and the chocolate spread very easily.

I had wondered how to dry them.  The perfect way would have been to stand them up in florist’s oasis, but I didn’t have any, and actually – as the chocolate was quite firm – it was fine to dry them in a high-sided glass. (They overbalanced in a tumbler.)

These were lots of fun, but next time I’ll definitely make them smaller – they’re so rich that they need to be genuinely bite-size.


Indistinguishable, non?


6 thoughts on “Cake pops

  1. So pretty! And whereas I always expect fish-shaped chocolates to taste of fish, eating rose-buds could never be a problem. Another lovely idea.


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