It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, part 1 – Advent calendar

A few years ago we were given a beautiful Advent “calendar”, made up of 24 little woollen hats on a ribbon.

I’m ashamed to say that I always remembered it too late to think of 24 little presents, but I was determined that this year would be different.

As I saw, it there were two challenges –

  • Given the size of the little “hats”, what can you put in there? Chocolates, hair grips…and then is it the sort of little plasticky* things that always end up getting broken but somehow still don’t get thrown away?
  • If you do find a source of charming, non-plasticky little things, how do you avoid effectively paying for the contents of a second Christmas stocking, and so trying to stretch the Christmas budget even further?

*it’s a word, honest

So of course I turned to the internet and came across two great suggestions on a Mumsnet thread –

  • for bigger mini-presents that won’t fit, put a note in the calendar and have the presents wrapped in a little basket;
  • the mini-presents can be an activity rather than a “thing” – just write what the activity will be on a note and pop it in the calendar.

And all of a sudden a previously daunting task seemed much simpler.  So, safe in the knowledge that the little one involved can’t yet read, our Advent calendar this year will include:

– Nativity story sticker book (from the Book People last year, and recently rediscovered at the back of a drawer)

– Christmas scratch art decoration (on at least three days, from a pack of twelve bought from the wonderful Baker Ross)

– chocolate/chocolate coins (again on several days)

– pack of pocket tissues with a holly design

– little pot of bubbles with a Christmas wrapper

– flower hair band

– making Christmas biscuits (Christmas biscuits on account of being flavoured with cinnamon and cut out with a reindeer cutter)

– decorating the Christmas tree

– visit to our local garden centre to see the Christmas displays, have a hot chocolate and (yet to decide on the wisdom of this) go skating

– making marzipan fruits (and then eating marzipan fruits)

Still need to think of around another 9 days’ worth – might need to hold onto some of the marzipan fruits.


2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, part 1 – Advent calendar

  1. How about making a “treat’ out of a dreary task – sticking the stamps on the Christmas cards? Or get a return address stamp (a rubber stamp company can probably make one for you with a Christmas theme) and make stamping the cards with a “return” address, a special treat. (You’ll also then find out if someone has moved and not told you as long as the new home owner returns the card to sender.)


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