Margot pyjamas

DSC_0356 (1)

Ta dah!

They’re finished, and they’re so comfortable I’m tempted to put them on and never take them off.

The instructions in “Love at First Stitch” were excellent, accompanied by lots of photos, and the mini tutorials (like how to zig zag finish a seam allowance) come at just the right point – no flicking back and forth in the book to learn how you’re meant to do the next step.

The dots don’t run straight down the legs because I didn’t check how much fabric was needed before I set off to the market, bought slightly too little, and ended up needing to cut the pattern out on a bit of a slant.

That lesson that it really does help to read things carefully was reinforced as I sat on the kitchen floor, looking in disbelief at the cut-out pieces of fabric, where the front of each leg was a noticeably different width to the back. But I’d been so excited about getting started that I hadn’t followed Tilly’s advice to look at a pair of pyjama bottoms to see how they’re made – and of course once you do, you see that the front and back aren’t mirror images. Panic over.

Right, I think a cup of tea to celebrate!


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