Iced biscuits, round 2

Piping bags

Getting organised

Last weekend I had a lovely time making iced biscuits.  This weekend was round 2, and I felt armed with what I’d learnt before, including the value of being organised.  (It might sound a tad over the top, but it made it nice and quick to tell the bags apart by having the ones filled with outline icing closed with blue clips, and the ones filled with flood icing closed with other colours.)

The main lesson from this weekend was that, while you don’t want flood icing to be too runny, you also don’t want it to be too thick.  After 15 minutes in the oven at its lowest setting (thank you, Biscuiteers, for that brilliant tip for finishing biscuits), even the ones where the icing had been too thick looked alright, but they didn’t have the lovely smooth sheen of the ones where the flood icing had been the right consistency.

However, they all taste just as good as each other, and I’m definitely going to make them with coconut dough again, as the chewiness of the coconut goes really nicely with the crispness of the icing.


There were others, but they got eaten.


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