Mini Victoria sponge cakes

IMG_4640I meant to make these last week, but was thwarted, so a farewell at work was the perfect excuse for a second attempt.

They are as simple to make as they look – classic Victoria sandwich cake layers, cut out with a scone cutter, and filled with jam and buttercream icing.  (Not the “proper, made with a thermometer kind” in my case, just the “beaten together butter and icing sugar” kind.)

I thought I was being quite clever by making a four egg sponge and dividing it between three tins, as I’d thought that a three egg sponge between two tins would make the layers disproportionate to the size of the cakes.  As it happened, the layers rose more than I think they’ve ever done before, and so I actually ended up making each cake out of a single layer, sliced across horizontally and sandwiched back together with the fillings.

My guess about the cause of the wonderful rise was the genius tip I came across online for what you can do when you maybe haven’t been quite as organised as you could have been, and discover at the last moment that you’ve only got four small eggs in the fridge and the recipe requires four large eggs.  (Hypothetically, of course.) The tip was that you can substitute an egg with a tablespoon of water, a teaspoon of vegetable oil and two teaspoons of baking powder whisked together.  Sure enough, you can’t taste the difference.

Anyway, the cakes were enjoyed and looked rather adorable.  If I make them again and there’s the option of filling them shortly before they’re eaten, I might use fresh raspberries rather than jam, to make them a little less sweet.

And finally, I now of course have a tin of sponge off-cuts, so I’ll either be searching the internet for things to do with leftover sponge cake, or it’ll be full circle back to making more cake pops!


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