Cupcakes galore

There was much cupcake making at the weekend.

We made grown-up cupcakes:


I learnt the other day that to make rose-like icing you just start at the middle of the cake and ice outwards in concentric circles with a star-shaped nozzle.  To think all these years I’ve been starting at the outside and working inwards.  And the result is so pretty!

The icing was meant to be two-toned, using the tip that Mary Berry* showed in one of the Bake Off master-class episodes, where she spooned the pink icing into one side of the icing bag, and white in the other.  As with everything that Mary Berry does, it looked graceful and effortless.  When I tried, I was somewhat less graceful. The pink icing hadn’t got the memo and refused to stay on one side.  There’s still a hint of variation in the colour, but I might go back to just swirling the food colouring through the whole bowl of icing.

And we made little person mini cupcakes:


The piglets were based on pictures on Pinterest, and are wonderfully easy to make. The ears and snout are halved mini marshmallows, and the features are chocolate icing, piped with an icing bag with the tiniest bit snipped off the end. As it would be a shame to make just a thimble’s worth of chocolate icing, we made a decent amount and used the rest to ice the “muddy puddle” cupcakes. (Yes, there is a Peppa Pig inspiration here.)

*Speaking of Mary Berry, tonight’s supper was the pork mimosa from her “Stress-free Kitchen” cookbook.  Delicious and very straightforward to make.


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