Fabric covered notebooks

DSC_0048 (1)So, there will follow a series of posts that will essentially be “what I made on my Christmas holidays”.

One day I will get round to taking photos throughout a project, rather than just at the end, but if I’d done that on this occasion I’d have gone to bed even later than the 4am that it already. was (Sadly, this is not exaggerating for dramatic effect.  It turns out that I am a ridiculously slow sewer. Sewist. Sewing person.  Although I hasten to add that much of the time was spent sewing something else that night, so we’re not talking preternaturally slow.)

These notebooks, though, really are nice and straight forward to make: interfacing onto wrong side of the outer fabric; put the outer and inner fabric right sides together and sew round leaving a small gap; turn right sides out and close up the gap.  Wrap round the original covers of the notebook and pin in place, checking that you haven’t pinned it so tight that the notebook can’t close.  Hand stitch at the top and bottom. Voila! Just one thing – be generous when measuring the width of your fabric. There needs to be a decent overlap at each side when the cover is round the notebook, otherwise it won’t hold the notebook in place.

Next I found a pretty but not too complicated font and printed the names out in the size I wanted, then cut out and discarded the letters, leaving the surrounding paper intact.  I don’t have an erasable fabric pen, so I just pinned the paper to the front cover and hand embroidered in the gaps where the letters had been, using satin stitch with two strands of embroidery thread. That bit did take a while, but I did like the end result.


2 thoughts on “Fabric covered notebooks

  1. Claire and Olivia are very lucky. The notebooks are beautiful and will be treasured forever I am sure. Do start the “what I gave people for Christmas” notes – then your followers will have lots of ideas for this year and the time to do them!

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