Jewellery roll (or “Getting to grips with zips”)


The other week I made a jewellery roll as a present for a very lovely person. I hadn’t made one before, but used this great and very detailed tutorial.

The jewellery roll is quite petite, so it’s a good project for using up your fabric stash, and I enjoyed the chance to use the pretty Liberty (or Liberty-esque, not sure) print for the outside. The felt inside should protect the jewellery and, because it’s pale, everything in the pockets will show up easily.

I second guessed the instructions and put one pocket above the half-way line, rather than both below, but it worked out fine with a few minor adjustments, and as a plus it means that the two zipped pockets don’t overlap.


And on that note, somehow I’d managed to live my entire life without inserting a zip (isn’t Velcro a magical thing), but it went better than I’d expected. They’re not beautiful, but they open and close, and that’s something.

The top stitching round the outside edge was less successful, possibly because of the bulkiness of the felt, so I might make the pockets a little narrower next time, or look for another soft lining.


4 thoughts on “Jewellery roll (or “Getting to grips with zips”)

  1. My first attempt at zips all those years ago was definitely not as good as this! The floral fabric disguises the less than perfect top stitching though, doesn’t it?


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