Mary Berry hat-trick

The little one and I have been doing a lot of baking recently, which has been enormous fun, including three wonderful recipes from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible in three days. They all encapsulate Mary Berry’s style – no unnecessary ingredients or steps, clear instructions, delicious results that are genuinely achievable in real people’s kitchens.

So, we made:

– Rich Cheesy Biscuits – these are incredibly moreish, and the tip to pop them back in the oven just before serving was spot on. We added a handful of chilli flakes to half the dough, and then used different shaped cutters so we knew which were the mild biscuits and which the hot ones. And cos it was fun.

– Basic White Meringues – it may not be the most glamorously named recipe, but it’s a good one. Meringues are notoriously mercurial, but these little gems were simple to make and tasted lovely. I wanted to try out a new fluted icing bag nozzle, which gave them a cupola-esque look.

– Melting Moments – when you know just how much butter goes into these, the meltingness is less of a surprise, but still scrumptious. And the recipe calls for egg yolks, which of course you have to hand, if you’ve just made the little meringues. Which is the closest you get to fate telling you to make both biscuits and meringues.

Sadly there’s no photograph, as I didn’t realise we were on for a hat-trick before all the cheesy biscuits had been eaten, and then the last few meringues got a bit crushed. So, will just have to make them all again soon – ah, the sacrifice!


3 thoughts on “Mary Berry hat-trick

  1. I do love a bit of economy – meringues and melting moments – perfectly logical. It would be plain wrong to do one without the other. Lovely post – thank you!

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