Adding to the stash – Rosali

Rosali fabric

I couldn’t resist buying a metre of each of three of the Rosali fabric collection on a recent trip to IKEA, not least as they were reduced to £2.90 a metre. They are just so incredibly pretty.

I’ve got a few ideas for things to make, plus the very act of buying them was a treat, as you take down and cut from the bolts of fabric yourself, which is ridiculously enjoyable.

Right, it’s now time either to fold a load of laundry or to browse Pinterest for inspiration for more projects. Hmm, decisions, decisions.




3 thoughts on “Adding to the stash – Rosali

  1. Lucky duck!
    I look high and low for fabric like this, and can’t even find a sliver! I’m making dresses and have a very particular idea of what I want… I can’t wait to see what you make with it!

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