Toy storage bag


Toy bag (2)

Ta dah! (Vinyl from Amazon, owl fabric from Hobbycraft, ribbon from my wonderful sister)

When the little person was truly little, she had just a few soft toys and some of those crinkly-paged books with a mirror at the back. (Allegedly this is because babies love looking at themselves. An alternative theory is that it’s a rather cruel trick to ensure that parents regularly catch sight of just how haggard they look on little to no sleep.)

Now, however, our home looks like we’re showcasing much of the Sylvanian catalogue. In case you haven’t come across the Sylvanian Families, they’re rather adorable animal characters who live in a gloriously retro world. But as the adult Sylvanians are only a few inches tall you can imagine just how small their clothes, food and possessions are, and how easy these are to misplace or – horror – vacuum up.

So I’d been wanting for a long time to make a clear storage bag to keep everything safely together but easily accessible. Sheer terror, though, at the prospect of using vinyl due to visions of my sewing machine somehow combusting or snagging irreparably had put me off. But faint heart never made a toy bag, so I plucked up courage and followed this fantastic tutorial. (The generosity of crafters around the world in sharing their ideas never ceases to amaze me.)

And it all went very well. The tip to put sticky tape on the presser foot and plate stopped the vinyl from sticking, and the instructions were very clear. I used ribbon rather than making a drawstring as I was running out of time, and when I next make one of these bags may put the vertical seam of the fabric section opposite the seam of the vinyl section, rather than matching them up, otherwise you see the seam every time you do up the drawstring.

And now I’m off to make dozens more bags so that I can keep everything I own in them.


4 thoughts on “Toy storage bag

  1. What a brilliant and beautiful idea! Could work well as a makeup bag for travelling with too, given that even the keenest retro-ista would have difficult carrying off (or on?) a vanity case these days. Another glorious idea from a heart-warming and inspiring blogger. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m afraid I can’t take credit for the idea – huge thanks to the Make It & Love It blog for the tutorial – but I certainly enjoyed making it. I love the makeup bag idea, although I think there should be a vanity case revival soon!


  2. What a clever lady you are! How I remember Sylvanian Families- I loved them so much. I am so glad they are still around. Happy bag making my dear friend! X


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