Getting out of the supper rut

Recipe books

I’ve realised that I’ve been cooking the same dishes week in, week out. Tasty, comforting dishes that no longer require much thought. But now is the time to change things up and try some new recipes.

So I’ve set myself a goal. Every month I’ll revisit a cookbook that I haven’t used much or for a while (or, in a few cases, at all) and cook four new dishes. Now, I realise that this isn’t a challenge on the level of, say, climbing the north face of the Eiger, but it will still require a bit of planning and effort.

The recipes chosen will need to meet a few key criteria:

  • they must be fairly quick as these are midweek suppers
  • they can’t include obscure ingredients
  • ideally some will be suitable for batch cooking and then freezing

Kicking things off in March is “Save with Jamie”. Who says that resolutions have to be made on 1st January?




3 thoughts on “Getting out of the supper rut

  1. What a good idea to deal with the problem of that oh so tempting rut of doing the same (much-loved) meals over and over again. I thought it was just me who had got bored with doing the same things over and over again! I am inspired. Time to get all those books out and the boxes of recipes culled over forty years too and try something new. Thank you again!

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