Unintentional fabric haul


Somehow it had escaped me that the market in our nearest big town runs on a Thursday as well as Fridays and Saturdays, and so I was caught with my defences down this afternoon and ended up buying quite a lot of fabric.

The butterfly print was £6/metre, and was the choice of the little person, who has requested that I make “bags and flags” with it, and that I get started right away.

I don’t have anything in mind yet for the floral print, but at just £2.50/metre it seemed a good buy, and could be useful as a pretty lining, possibly of the aforementioned bags and flags.

And finally, deserving a photo all of its own, is this glorious material (£3/metre), which looks like a rather patriotic tea party, and which is going to become a tablecloth.



4 thoughts on “Unintentional fabric haul

  1. Those fabrics are delightful and I completely understand how they called out to you and the little one too. If the quality of the cotton is good enough, I think the floral pattern could make a lovely little skirt and the butterfly pattern a great pair of little girl’s shorts for the coming summer months. The table cloth will look so pretty laid with some of your cakes and biscuits – what a busy time ahead!

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    • What lovely ideas! The pink cotton is very light, so unfortunately I don’t think it could be a skirt, but I’ll definitely look for a shorts pattern. (Once I’ve made bags and flags!)


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