Mass production

Bags 1

It was the spring fair today at the little one’s preschool and I made these reversible bags for them to sell. (Apologies for the quality of the picture above. I’m not even sure how it’s possible to blur just one side of a photo.)


I used this wonderful tutorial by Grandma’s Chalkboard for Make It & Love It, and the bags were a pleasure to make. I got to try out some of the fabrics that I bought last week, and also to use up some of my stash .

The tutorial is really clear and well illustrated, and the only problems I had were of my own making. My inability to sew a straight line resulted in such a curved first effort at a strap that it had to be abandoned, and I nearly wept when I realised that I had cut out the hearts and flowers fabric with the pattern pointing down, and so didn’t have enough to make a second bag with it. I went to bed genuinely sad for the Plan B gingham bag – I didn’t want it to feel like the ugly duckling of the four. (By this time I was very tired and possibly, just possibly, a little irrational.) But things were brighter in the morning when I remembered my first rule of sewing – everything looks better with a ribbon, even a slightly skew-whiff one.

Bags 3

I don’t know how much the bags raised for pre-school – hopefully something.

I’ll definitely be making more of these, perhaps with slightly thicker cottons next time. But first I need to practise those fiendish straight lines.



5 thoughts on “Mass production

  1. Next time I see you, I’m giving a fabric stash- these are lovely and I have so much spare fabric! Well done- they’ll sell for a fortune! X

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  2. Oh they’re so pretty and I am sure you have made at least four little people (and whoever bought those lovely bags) very happy. Little bags like that are always so useful to their owners! What a lovely project. The adornment with the ribbon is a pretty touch too and could co-oardinate with favourite hair ribbons or a teddy’s tie perhaps. Gorgeous idea.

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  3. They are lovely and I can’t see any wonky lines! That is where checks and stripes are either a help or a hindrance! I bet there are a few very happy bagaholics at preschool now and many more awaiting the possibility of another batch. Well done.

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